“Attend One, Serve One”

We encourage you to attend one Sunday gathering and participate in one service opportunity each week – a vital part of “leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ” is serving them!
How has God shaped you for serving? Try completing the sentence, “The church should…” or “The church should provide…” Chances are, if God has put that on your heart for His people to do, He wants you to have a hand in it (no experience required!). Here are a few ways people currently serve with us:
  • greet people
  • brew coffee
  • hand out bulletins
  • information center
  • bake cookies for visitors
  • unlock/lock doors
  • instrumentalist
  • vocalist
  • sound tech
  • projection tech
  • lighting tech
  • lighting designer
  • stage manager
  • worship/band leader
  • care for infants (nursery)
  • lead a small group
  • check-in/greeting
  • prep materials
  • technology support
  • help with celebrations
  • outreach (e.g. mentor, prayer partner, Better Than Recess)
  • lead a small group
  • childcare for leaders’ kids
  • provide snacks
  • help with special events
  • handle logistical details
  • video editor
  • interviewer
  • announcer
  • photographer/videographer
  • graphic/web designer
  • marketing/advertising
  • design team
  • set/prop constructor
  • short-term mission trip
  • coordinate communications
  • connect with local organizations we support
  • host visiting missionaries
  • feed visiting missionaries
  • Saturday evening prayer
  • Sunday morning prayer
  • prayer during week
  • provide a dish
  • help set up/decorate
  • help clean up
(e.g. events, funerals)
  • mowing
  • snow removal
  • landscaping
  • moving help
  • minor handyman jobs
  • transportation

Time commitment?

Commitments vary anywhere from a few times a year to a few times a week. Once you commit to something, we typically ask that you try to stick with that role for a year, if possible. Then, either choose to continue for another year, or take a break from that commitment so you can serve God in a different way.

More info?

Questions? See an area or team that interests you? Have other ideas for how you could serve? Please contact us (or mark SERVE on side two of a ConnectCard on a Sunday morning) and share your thoughts/questions. We’ll get in touch to discuss all the details you need.