A weekly environment created especially for infant through pre-school aged children.

What we do

  • Partner with parents by connecting your children to consistent small group leaders and friends their age.

  • Provide a safe, secure place where preschoolers can learn more about God.

  • Focus on the gospel message through engaging worship, activities and teaching.

What we value

  • Embracing the sense of wonder God has planted within every preschooler making them eager to learn about and believe in an awesome God.

  • Active, hands-on learning with lots of jumping, singing, fun, and laughter.

  • Our hope is that your child will come to believe:

God MADE me
God LOVES me
Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever

At home

Leverage opportunities for a better future for your child within the natural rhythms of life.

Your unique role

  • No one can know a child the way their own parent does.

  • What you do every week matters. Over time, you are making a permanent imprint on the soul of your child.

  • God has wired you to be able to make a lasting spiritual impact on your child. Have courage and confidence to believe that! The average church only has 40 hours in a given year to influence a life - the average parent has 3000 hours.

Tools for you

The Kids Connect Parents page offers fresh ideas every month that you can use to lead your child into a growing relationship with Jesus.

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