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Standalone Sermons

Through the end of November we don’t have a sermon series we’re going through, but we do have some very special messages lined up! See below for all our standalone sermons, and remember to check back each week for the next in this “series” – you won’t want to miss out.

The Jungles Are Here
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  • 11/11The Jungles Are Here
    The Jungles Are Here
    YouVersion Event:
  • 7/1The Marathon Relay Race
    The Marathon Relay Race
    YouVersion Event:
  • 6/10Prayer’s Priority
    Prayer’s Priority
    YouVersion Event:
  • 4/1April Truths
    April Truths
    YouVersion Event:
  • 1/7Extraordinarily Ordinary People
    Extraordinarily Ordinary People
    YouVersion Event:
  • 12/31It’s Yours…Take It!
    It’s Yours…Take It!
    YouVersion Event:
  • 11/26Our Culture Views God As…
    Our Culture Views God As…
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