Sep. 9 – Show up to Grow Up (Mt. 13:1-23)

First listen to the sermon (posts Sun. afternoon). Then use the ideas below to help you and your group apply what the Lord is teaching you.
Icebreaker idea: Introduce (or reintroduce) yourself to the group. What is something you enjoyed this summer?
A way to pray: Join us in praying that we’ll be able to double involvement in Grow Groups this year, moving from about 30-40% of Sunday attendance connecting in groups to about 60-80%.

Talk It Over:

  • Treasuring God: What does each of the four soils seem to value most? How does this relate to what happens to the seeds?
  • Being Transformed: Why is understanding the gospel so important for growth? What’s one way understanding the gospel has changed my life?
  • Loving Others: How can we show love to the different kinds of people represented by each of the four soils?
  • Pursuing Unity: What are some practical ways we can help each other and others both to hear and to understand the gospel?