Oct. 29 - Seriously? Suffering?! (1 Pet. 3:8-22)

First listen to the sermon (posts Sun. afternoon). Then use the ideas below to help you and your group apply what the Lord is teaching you. Icebreaker idea: What are 2 blessings you're enjoying in your life right now?

A way to pray: Pray for each other to handle suffering in a hopeful way. Ask God to use our hope-filled lives to help draw 2000 people by 2022 into a growing relationship with Him.

For discussion:

  • Treasuring God: How is suffering a pathway to blessing?
  • Being Transformed: What would cause people around us to ask for a reason for our hope? What step can I take right now to move my life in that direction?
  • Loving Others: How did Jesus avoid repaying "evil for evil or reviling for reviling"? (See also 1 Peter 2:21-25.) How does He help us do the same?
  • Pursuing Unity: How does suffering help Christians grow in loving each other as brothers and sisters? What might this look like practically?
Grow GroupsDan Smith