Oct. 28 - Casual or Serious? (1 Sm. 7)

First listen to the sermon (posts Sun. afternoon). Then use the ideas below to help you and your group apply what the Lord is teaching you.

Icebreaker idea: What do you like to do to remember / remind yourself of significant events or milestones?

A way to pray: Get into small enough groups (by gender may be useful) that you can spend time really confessing and praying for one another's repentance in the areas of our lives where we've been taking God too casually. Ask Him to help us walk in freedom and new life with Him truly in first place.

Talk It Over:

  • Treasuring God: Read 1 Sm. 7:3-6. What does it look like practically for us to return to the Lord wholeheartedly, put Him in first place, and serve Him only?

  • Being Transformed: What are some ways I can tend to take God too casually? What would it look like to take Him seriously in those areas instead?

  • Loving Others: God can bring peace between enemies (see 1 Sm. 7:14). Who is someone I want to make peace with, God helping me? Where will I start?

  • Pursuing Unity: Why might it be powerful to confess and repent together, not just individually? (See also James 5:16.) How will I put this into practice?

Grow GroupsDan Smith