Mar. 5 - Marks of Health (Neh. 8)

First listen to the sermon (posts Sun. afternoon). Then use the ideas below to help you and your group apply what the Lord is teaching you. Icebreaker idea: When have I enjoyed reading or listening to God's Word? When have I found it difficult?

A way to pray: Pray for the people in our lives who aren't yet part of a Grow Group and those who aren't yet part of God's family. Ask God that these would be part of the 2000 people we're seeking to see baptized and connected to Jesus through the Word, prayer, and community by 2022.

For discussion:

  • What do we gain by hearing and studying God's Word in community, not just individually? That is, what does pursuing God in community offer that pursuing him individually doesn't?
  • Who in my life needs to know about the invitation to Christian community (either because they're not yet part of a Grow Group, or because they're not yet part of God's family)? How can I extend this invitation to them?
  • Why would we rejoice instead of grieve when God's Word reveals sin in our lives? And why does this turn us away from sin, not just give us permission to go on sinning? (See also Romans 2:4, 5:20-6:23.)
  • What has God's Word called me to, that I've been unwilling to submit myself to? What step of obedience will I take this week?
Grow GroupsDan Smith