Dec. 3 - Wonderful Counselor (Isa. 9:6-7)

First listen to the sermon (posts Sun. afternoon). Then use the ideas below to help you and your group apply what the Lord is teaching you.
Icebreaker idea: What's one good piece of advice you've heard from a parent, teacher, or friend?
A way to pray: Pray with each other for the Lord's counsel in the areas identified in the Being Transformed discussion below. Pray for those in our lives who need to hear and respond to Jesus' counsel to come to Him in faith (from the Loving Others discussion below).

For discussion:

  • Treasuring God: What is the significance of Jesus being called Wonderful? What about Counselor?
  • Being Transformed: What's one area of my life where I need Jesus' counsel right now? What does it look like practically for me to seek Him in this?
  • Loving Others: Who in my life needs to hear Jesus' counsel to come to Him in faith? How am I sharing this message with them through my words and actions?
  • Pursuing Unity: How can we support each other in seeking and receiving counsel from Jesus? What roles do the Word, prayer, and community play in this?
Grow GroupsDan Smith