Sep. 29 - Object Lesson (1 Sm. 17)

We invite you to ponder the week’s Bible passage and listen to the sermon (posts Sun. afternoon), then use the ideas below to help you and your group apply what the Lord is teaching you.

Icebreaker idea: Think of a time when you were up high – like in a tall building or on a mountain – and could look down at the area/people below. Where were you? What was that experience like? How did it make you feel?

A way to pray: What's a challenge that seems "huge" in your life? Share this with your group, then pray for one another regarding what's been shared.

Talk It Over:

  • Treasuring God: In what ways does God show us His awesome size, power, and greatness? What can I do this week to remind myself of the "bigness" of God?

  • Being Transformed: What does it look like for me to seek God’s perspective on a huge problem rather than giving in to fear, dismay, or discouragement?

  • Loving Others: David risked himself for others because he trusted God. In what way(s) is God asking me to trust Him and take a risk for the good of others?

  • Pursuing Unity: How can I help others view huge problems through God’s eyes without being uncaring, appearing insensitive, or merely spouting platitudes?

Grow GroupsDan Smith