Jan. 20 - Like the Nations… (1 Sam. 9:1-25)

First listen to the sermon (posts Sun. afternoon). Then use the ideas below to help you and your group apply what the Lord is teaching you.

Icebreaker idea: What is one character trait you find beautiful when you see it in others?

A way to pray: Ask God to help us love reflecting His character from our hearts more than we love being outwardly impressive. Ask Him to help us love others genuinely and sacrificially, the way He has loved us.

Talk It Over:

  • Treasuring God: What externals (beauty, skill, achievement, financial gain, etc.) captivate me? What do I love about God that trumps all these things?

  • Being Transformed: Do I faithfully turn to God when I face challenges? How would my life be different if this was consistently my first response?

  • Loving Others: How does a person's appearance, behavior, or status impact my desire to love them? What would it look like for me to love like Jesus?

  • Pursuing Unity: How does focusing on externals hinder me from pursuing authentic unity with other believers?

Grow GroupsDan Smith