Holiday Break - Dec. 23-30

As you have opportunities to connect with members of your family or your Grow Group over the holiday break, we invite you to use the ideas below to help you focus on Jesus together. If you'd like to refer to the weekly sermon as part of your conversations, you can find the audio for those here (posts each Sun. afternoon).

Icebreaker ideas:

  • What is one of your favorite gifts you've ever given to someone else? Why was it so memorable?

  • What's one of your favorite gifts you've ever received? Why was it so memorable?

  • What's one of your favorite Christmas songs? Why do you like it?

  • What's one thing you hope to change in 2019? What's one thing from 2018 you hope happens again in 2019?

Some ways to pray:

  • Pray for each other's hearts in the various joys and hurts that the holiday season brings.

  • Spend time thanking Jesus for how He can deal with the pain and difficulty in our lives and in our world – not only because He humbled Himself to fully experience our humanity, but because He also is still fully God!

  • Continue praying with us that by 2022, through God's grace and power, we will see 2,000 people baptized and growing in relationship with Jesus through the Word, prayer, and community.

Talk It Over:

  • Treasuring God: What do I enjoy during the holiday season that helps me appreciate God more fully?

  • Being Transformed: How is God calling me to be more like Jesus as I look ahead to 2019 and beyond? What's my next step?

  • Loving Others: How have I experienced God's love recently? How can I share His love with someone this week?

  • Pursuing Unity: Where do I see the enemy working to cause division and discord? How does God's love help me strive for unity in those areas?

Dan Smith