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Partnership info

partnership information

Learn about partnership

Partnering is an active way to be used in God’s kingdom. Every member of Christ’s body has a vital role to play, and we love to see each part playing their part! To get a better sense of how this looks and who we are check out these links:
  • Our Ministry Partner Commitment details the core information about partnership.
  • Our FAQ document answers some of the most common questions about partnership.
  • Our What we believe page describes our mission, values, and core beliefs.

Partner with us

Step 1. Getting to know each other’s stories: Begin connecting with others at NPBC.
Step 2. Learning about partnership: Attend a “Partnership Exploration” with an elder, staff member, or GROW group leader to get more complete details about partnership.
Step 3. Demonstrating the partnership commitments: Demonstrate the partnership commitments and submit the Ministry Partner Commitment form to the office.
Step 4. Recommendation from GROW group leader: Ask your GROW group leader to submit a recommendation to the office.
Step 5. Elder review: Elders meet with you to finalize the recommendation. Upon approval, the elders send an official notification of partnership.


GROW Group Leader Recommendation:

** Note that for your GROW group leader to fill out the recommendation online, you will need to contact them with the following info:
  • Share briefly about your spiritual journey. What do you believe about Jesus Christ?
  • Have you ever been baptized? If yes, when and why did you decide to do that? If no, are you interested in talking with someone further about baptism?

“One in One” vision

Imagine a church where each person was praying for just one other person to come to know Christ. If everyone being prayed for came to know him, the church would double in size! With twice as many Jesus-followers now praying for one more person, then each of those praying for one more person, you can just imagine how fast God could change many lives here in North Platte. What if a tenth of our city were worshiping Jesus as part of North Platte Berean Church within three years’ time? It could happen! Who’s your One in One?

Click on the One in One logo to download the One in One bookmark. This will give you 10 prayers you can pray for your One in One, with accompanying Scriptures. Then, click here to tell us who your One in One is, so that we can join you in praying for them. And when they come to know Jesus, let us know so that we can celebrate with you!

One in One vision graphic