Partnership information

Learn about partnership

Partnering is an active way to be used in God’s kingdom. Every member of Christ’s body has a vital role to play, and we love to see each part playing their part! To get a better sense of how this looks and who we are check out these resources:

Partner with us

Step 1. Getting to know each other’s stories: Begin connecting with others at NPBC.
Step 2. Learning about partnership: Attend a “Partnership Exploration” to go over the details of partnership. (Go here to view upcoming times, RSVP, or request an appointment.)
Step 3. Demonstrating the partnership commitments: Demonstrate the partnership commitments and submit the Ministry Partner Commitment form (online, PDF) to the office.
Step 4. Recommendation from Grow Group leader: Ask your Grow Group leader to submit a recommendation (online**, PDF) to the office.
Step 5. Affirmation from elders: Elders meet with you to finalize the recommendation. Upon approval, we will send you an official notification of partnership.
** Note that, for your leader to submit the recommendation online, you will first need to contact them with the following:
• Share briefly about your spiritual journey. What do you believe about Jesus Christ?
• Please tell us about your baptism. When were you baptized, and why did you decide to do that? (Or, please share why you haven’t yet decided to be baptized.)